Partial & Full Dentures

Our aim is to provide you with the most appropriate treatment options to ensure a lasting smile.

Surfside Dental Torquay offer a comprehensive range of dental treatment in a calm, modern environment.

A denture is a cost effective solution to replace missing teeth. Dentures are normally removable, which means a patient needs to take them out at night and clean them outside of the mouth.

Partial dentures can replace teeth in a patient with only a few missing teeth. This makes a partial denture ‘tooth-supported’ as it clips onto your remaining teeth which provides stability and retention to the denture.

Full dentures are used when no teeth remain in a given jaw. They are retained in the mouth by suction and sits directly on the gums. Implants can be used to stabilise a loose uncomfortable denture by allowing it to clip onto the implants when the denture is inserted in the mouth.

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