What is the importance of dental fillings?

As we know prevention is better than cure, but should tooth decay develop and loss of tooth structure occurs, we have a range of options restoring your teeth to the correct shape and function.

By using X-rays we can determine the location and the extend of the decay. A variety of different filling materials exist today anything from gold crowns to computer designed Cerec porcelain fillings.

Most of the fillings placed today are either white or silver/grey.

The materials used for white fillings can range from Composite resin fillings, Glass ionomer fillings, or Cerec porcelain inlays or onlay type of fillings.

The most commonly used white filling is the Composite resin filling which gets bonded to your tooth structure restoring the function and form of the tooth. The composites come in various shades so they can be matched to your tooth colour.

The most common silver grey filling is the amalgam filling. This type of filling although being around for almost 150 years is being replaced by the more aesthetic white fillings.

The choice for filling material used depends on your needs and budget. We also take into account the amount of remaining tooth structure, aesthetic consideration as well as the strength requirements.

Do we use amalgam fillings?

With the publicised long term environmental affects and possible health risks associated with mercury we don’t not use amalgam restorations.

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