Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Have a question about your wisdom teeth? In order for us to answer your questions with accuracy, we’ll need to have a look at them. No two wisdom teeth cases are the same.

When should I remove my wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the last of our teeth to emerge, normally around the late teens or early twenties. When taking out wisdom teeth it is important that both the patient and the dentist decide whether it is necessary to take out the wisdom teeth. Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed. When there is a lack of space in the jawbone to accommodate the wisdom tooth which can result in a partially impacted tooth (portion of tooth sticking out of the gum) or even completely impacted tooth ( not visible in the mouth) the most common complications that can occur are painful inflammation of the gum, damage to the adjacent tooth and discomfort due to crowding.

Removal of the tooth in these presenting complaints can then be the choice of treatment. Sometimes in order to prevent any future issues removal of the wisdom teeth can also be recommended.

The most common issue with erupted wisdom teeth is that they are so far back most patients battle to keep them clean which then can result in decay or gum infections. The other difficulty is restoring them if they develop decay. In some cases the position and space available in the mouth can make it impossible to restore leading to an extraction.

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